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Learn the foundation of Information Technology and how it relates to your home devices and network.

Gain Cybersecurity Knowledge & Training with Our Partner: Infosec Institute.

Understand the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Today's IT devices are becoming more and more public facing and interconnected, whether in a business or in a residential home. Understanding the cybersecurity threat your home network might face from a threat actor is more important than ever. We believe providing individuals with knowledge to take effective cybersecurity actions to create a cyber-safe network. RLCS provides a custom education curriculum of cybersecurity topics that impact the individual home network. In additional to a training portal, RLCS is able to provide simulated phishing & exploit campaigns to maintain your security posture.

Why Partner with InfoSec Institute?

We partner with companies that have a security first mindset. For over 16 years InfoSec has equipped organizations and individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to outsmart cybercrime. The InfoSec education portal is top notch, providing users with the best training engagement possible.

Take a Step Towards Fighting Cybercrime

If you or your household would like to learn more about how RLCS empowers users to achieve a security first mindset and reduce their exposure to threat actors, give us a call at (904) 217-7504. For more education & workshops, visit our upcoming events page.

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