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Do you need a phone screen repair? Water damage in your tablet? You can always be sure that your device is being handled carefully by our technicians. Let us provide a solution for your mobile device in these areas:

Battery & Screen Replacement

RLCS offers repair & replacement services to bring your phone or tablet back on track. If your battery is dying and has started to bulge, bring it into our repair shop for a one on one with our technicians. We also have extensive experience with cracked screens or picture issues and can provide a replacement solution that is fast and affordable.

Audio & Microphone Repair

Your mobile device does no good to you with audio or microphone issues. In most cases, repairing the specific component keeps your smart device in your hand and not the trash can.Let our mobile device technicians get to the root cause of the issue and provide a solution that helps you take that next phone call or listen to that video.

Water Damage

Accidents happen, RLCS is here to help when it does. Our technicians have seen just about every type of water damage imaginable. Stop by our repair shop to see if we can provide a repair that works for you.

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