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Does your screen need repair? Battery live not what it use to be? Let us provide a solution for your laptop needs in these areas:

Battery & Screen Replacement

RLCS offers repair & replacement services to bring your laptop back on track. If your battery is dying and has started to bulge, bring it into our repair shop for a one on one with our technicians. We also have extensive experience with cracked screens or picture issues and can provide a replacement solution that is fast and affordable.

OS Installs & Tune Ups

From time to time your laptop needs a little TLC to keep it running smoothly. Let RLCS provide a tune up or OS upgrade, it can be a cost saving service to increase the lifespan for your computer by conducting basic spyware and virus removal, hard drive and memory checks, system optimization, disk defragmentation, disk clean up & removal of temporary files. To get started, drop your laptop off today.

Component Upgrades

If you're wanting more that just a tune, but not wanting to purchase a whole new device, some components in your computer might be upgradeable. Let us provide an upgrade assessment and recommend the right hardware to bring your device a performance increase.

Application Upgrades

Upgrading applications to a newer version can be a challenge. We have the expertise to troubleshooting where the application upgrade went wrong and how to install the tools you need to bring back your productivity.

Need immediate repair help or advice?